Try The Natural Method to Control Blood Pressure.

Keep your blood pressure in check to prevent heart attack and stroke. Get long-term BP control through lifestyle change.

Manage High Blood Pressure, Improve Heart Health

Control hypertension with Aware. Choose a heart-healthy diet, follow medication schedule, and receive daily BP control action steps. Monitor heart attack risk and optimize cardiovascular health.

Instant feedback

Develop a complete understanding of hypertension management. Track blood pressure readings and get instant feedback.

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Make healthy lifestyle choices

Get daily guidance in the form of “action steps” and make healthy lifestyle changes. Go beyond medication management and build healthy habits that keep blood pressure in check. Play an active role in improving your cardiovascular health.

A supportive community

Share experiences, exchange tips, and join group challenges to maintain a healthy blood pressure. Become part of a space that provides motivation and celebrates your health milestones.

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Easy-to-use BP tracker

Use our intuitive BP tracker. It is easy to use and provides evidence-based analysis of your blood pressure readings.

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Reduce Cardiovascular Risk From Hypertension

Redefine your health with Aware - your perfect companion to measure and reduce cardiovascular risk. Control your blood pressure, track your activity levels, follow care plans, and get rewarded to meet your health goals.

Access Personalized Guidance
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Get tailor-made action steps and advice on exercise, diet, sleep, and more to propel your health in the right direction. Start the journey to lifelong wellness with daily health tips.

Unlock wellness with medication reminders
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Utilize Aware for treatment adherence - timely med reminders for BP control. Enhance safety with AI-powered interaction checker for meds.

Your hypertension journey in one place
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Track your heart score and unlock vital insights about heart health. Get a custom heart attack risk assessment and start monitoring your cardiovascular health early on.

Community Support
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Build a sense of community by creating a community of like-minded individuals. Challenge each other on the journey to a healthy heart. Get the motivation to keep going.

Tap into smart recommendations
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Boost your hypertension journey with intelligent test advice. Avoid needless expenses. Daily insights for elevated well-being through hypertension control.

Aware Helps People with High BP Prevent Heart Attacks.

Aware uses the latest scientific evidence to nudge you towards better health step-by-step. Connect your smartwatch, get a Free Heart Score and follow the personalized 90-day diet and lifestyle care plans to prevent heart attacks.

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Create your Aware profile

Create a profile by answering simple questions about your health. Keep track of the heart by connecting vital lab data and biomarkers.

Get tailormade guidance on heart health

Utilize daily tips and advice to keep improving your heart health. Access personalized resources that keep you ahead of heart risks and complications.

Earn rewards every step of the way

Meet health goals and get rewarded for every action step you take. Earn daily reward points and use them for discounts and benefits.

Save big on healthy choices

Redeem reward points for discounts on lab tests. Save up to 40% or more on lab tests from ISO and NABL-certified labs. Enjoy exclusive benefits on fitness and nutrition.

Frequently Asked Questions
How does Aware offer insights about Hypertension?

Aware helps you understand high blood pressure by looking at your daily blood pressure numbers to find patterns. We check if your blood pressure goes up and down a lot over time. Then, we give you advice on how to change your lifestyle, eat better, and remind you to take your medicine at the right time.

Who can benefit from using Aware?

Aware helps people with high blood pressure take control of their health. Our app is great for all kinds of people, including:

  1. Individuals with Hypertension
  2. People Focused on Hypertension Prevention
  3. Those Seeking Convenient Hypertension Tracking
  4. Anyone Interested in Home Lab Tests
How to prevent Hypertension with Aware?

With Aware, preventing Hypertension is a personalized journey guided by tailored insights and daily support. Here's how:

  1. Daily Tracking: Log your blood pressure data daily.
  2. Intelligent Recommendations: Benefit from personalized advice on lifestyle tweaks, dietary choices, and medication reminders.
  3. Community: Join the Aware community to get motivation and share experiences.
  4. Timely Alerts: Receive alerts when your blood pressure shows high readings, prompting you to take timely actions or seek advice.
  5. Educational Resources: Explore educational content on Hypertension, empowering you to make informed choices for a heart-healthy life.

In a nutshell, with Aware, it's not just about managing Hypertension—it's about preventing it.

How does the app provide instant feedback on blood pressure readings?

The Aware app uses smart technology to give you quick and personalized advice about your blood pressure. We look at your information right away and give you tips about patterns, changes, and how to do better.

This helpful advice keeps you on top of managing high blood pressure, like having a smart friend who cares about your heart.

What will Aware do differently than other apps?

Aware is different from other apps for managing Hypertension because:

  1. Personalized Advice: Aware gives you suggestions based on your blood pressure info to help you change your habits.
  2. All-in-One Tracking: You can track your daily blood pressure, get reminders for your medication, and see analyses of your lab reports all in one app.
  3. Supportive Community: Join our community to connect with people facing similar health issues. Share your experiences, get insights, and stay motivated.
  4. Quick Alerts: Aware sends you alerts about changes in your blood pressure so you can act fast and talk to your doctor.
  5. Learning Resources: Get lots of easy-to-understand info about Hypertension. Understand your condition better and make smart choices.
How to reduce Hypertension with Aware?

First, use the app to log your blood pressure readings regularly. Aware's smart algorithms will study these readings to find patterns and changes. Then, you'll get personalized advice about changes to your lifestyle, diet, and reminders for medication if necessary.

In the Aware community, meet people facing similar challenges, share your experiences, and stay motivated.

At Aware, we're not only about managing hypertension; we're about helping you live a healthier and happier life.

Can you provide me with a diet plan for hypertension management?

Certainly! At Aware, with just 500 reward points, you can unlock a personalized 90-day diet plan. This thoughtful plan ensures every detail aligns with your needs for effectively managing Hypertension.

What are the action steps?

Action steps, delivered through concise videos and information snippets, are a powerful resource for navigating your journey toward better blood pressure control.

Each action step provides crucial information and practical recommendations customized to align with your Hypertension management goals.

Is Aware free to use?

Yes, Aware is free to use!

We believe in providing accessible hypertension management tools to everyone. You only pay when booking a home lab test through the app.

Here's a list of the features you can enjoy for free with Aware:

  • Daily action steps to support a healthier lifestyle.
  • Rewards coupons for exciting brand discounts.
  • Daily health statistics tracking, including activity time, BP, weight, and more.
  • The ability to connect smartwatches for seamless monitoring
  • Access to your heart score.
  • Convenient reading of lab reports.
  • Medication reminders and alerts for potential drug interactions.
  • Join the vibrant Aware Community, a social platform for healthcare discussions.
  • AI-powered insights into your daily activities, helping you make informed decisions for a healthier heart.

We're committed to your heart health journey without hidden fees or charges.

Does Aware ensure data privacy?

At Aware, keeping your information safe is our main focus. We have strong security measures to protect your data. Our advanced systems make sure your information stays safe from any risks.

We don't share your data with anyone else. Your trust means a lot to us, and we take it seriously.

With Aware, your personal information stays private. We value your privacy and keep your data safe according to high standards.