Diabetes Management Made Complete.

Learn, track, control – follow the nudges, track glucose levels and receive instant insights. Participate in challenges, engage in conversations and level up your sugar control.

Fill the Gaps in Diabetes Care, Maximize Sugar Control

Aware is the missing link in your diabetes care between Doctor visits. Aware keeps you on track through smart glucose logging, diet & lifestyle care plans and personalized nudges.

Effortless Tracking

Effortlessly track blood glucose levels, medication intake, physical activity, and dietary choices – all within a centralized app. Easily understand how lifestyle choices impact diabetes management. Start transforming your life from day one.

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Supportive Community

Get support throughout the diabetes management process. Make informed decisions by engaging with an active community.

Get Long-Term Results

Witness significant improvements in health. Reduce the risk of complications and enhance the quality of life. See positive results with Aware.

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Simplifying Diabetes Management

Navigate Aware seamlessly with a simple and intuitive interface. Simplify the process of tracking, analyzing daily activities, and setting health goals. Get empowered rather than overwhelmed in your diabetes management journey.

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Aware is the Missing Link in your Diabetes Care

Detect future risks early, and prevent heart attacks and strokes-the #1 cause of death amongst people with Diabetes.

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Get personalized guidance on diabetes
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Access tailor-made action steps and advice on diet, exercise, sleep, and more. Stay motivated with daily tips to inspire lasting change.

Stay on top of diabetes medication
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Stay on course with diabetes treatment, using med reminders. Utilize AI-driven interaction checker for multi-med safety assurance.

Engage with a centralized diabetes care dashboard
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Centralize crucial diabetes markers. Timely test reminders, easy booking. Manage diabetes comprehensively from one spot.

Access AI-enabled recommendations
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Track diabetes screening, skip unnecessary tests, never miss vital checkups. Stay on diabetes management path with smart insights.

Celebrate diabetes care success
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Reach diabetes health goals, earn rewards for each stride. Points for discounts & exclusive perks. Nationwide labs - 40% off tests. Special health brand deals await.

Aware Helps People with Diabetes Prevent Heart Attacks.

Aware uses the latest scientific evidence to nudge you towards better health step-by-step. Connect your smartwatch, get a Free Heart Score and follow the personalized 90-day diet and lifestyle care plans to prevent heart attacks.

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Create your Aware profile

Create a profile by answering simple questions about your health. Keep track of the heart by connecting vital lab data and biomarkers.

Get tailormade guidance on heart health

Utilize daily tips and advice to keep improving your heart health. Access personalized resources that keep you ahead of heart risks and complications.

Earn rewards every step of the way

Meet health goals and get rewarded for every action step you take. Earn daily reward points and use them for discounts and benefits.

Save big on healthy choices

Redeem reward points for discounts on lab tests. Save up to 40% or more on lab tests from ISO and NABL-certified labs. Enjoy exclusive benefits on fitness and nutrition.

Frequently Asked Questions
Who can benefit from using Aware?

Aware helps people with diabetes by giving them everything they need in one place.

If you've just found out you have diabetes, Aware has lots of helpful stuff like educational resources, daily tips, and videos to learn about it.

You can also keep track of your blood sugar every day. The health log lets you set goals, see how you're doing, and get tips to do better.

And if you take medicine for diabetes, the app reminds you to take it every day.

How is tracking Diabetes different on Aware?

At Aware, we have a special way to help with Diabetes. Here's what makes us different:

  1. Check Your Health Every Day: Use Aware to keep track of your blood sugar levels and see how well you're managing your Diabetes.
  2. Get Personal Tips: We'll tell you how your daily activities affect your blood sugar.
  3. Remember Your Medication: Aware can remind you to take your medicine.
  4. Join Our Community: Talk to others, get advice, and share your experiences with our community.
  5. Book Lab Tests Easily: Schedule tests for your blood sugar and other things related to Diabetes.
  6. See Your Heart Score: Get an overview of how healthy your heart is.
  7. Free Diet Plan: We offer a personalized diet plan for 90 days to help you control your Diabetes.
How to control sugar with Aware?

We help you understand and control diabetes with easy steps and helpful videos. Use the health log to track your blood sugar levels every day. The app also reminds you to take your diabetes medicine so you don't forget.

What are the action steps?

The action steps on Aware consist of thoughtfully selected daily guidance (Diabetes management tips) delivered through brief videos and content. These valuable insights act as an empowering tool for you in pursuit of a healthier and more satisfying life.

Is Aware free to use?

Yes, Aware is free to use!

We believe in providing accessible Diabetes management tools to everyone. You only pay when booking a home lab test through the app.

Here's a list of the fantastic features you can enjoy for free with Aware:

  • Daily action steps to support Diabetes care
  • Rewards coupons for exciting brand discounts
  • Daily health statistics tracking, including activity time, blood glucose levels, BP, weight, and more
  • The ability to connect smartwatches for seamless monitoring.
  • Access to your heart score
  • Convenient reading of lab reports
  • Medication reminders and alerts for potential drug interactions.
  • Join the vibrant Aware Community, a social platform for healthcare discussions
  • AI-powered insights into your daily activities, helping you make informed decisions for a healthier heart
How personalized are the 90-day diet and lifestyle care plans?

At Aware, we make diet plans that fit you perfectly. We ask about your lifestyle and food likes to make sure it's just right for you. Whether you want to control blood sugar, manage weight, or feel better overall, our aim is to make a diet plan that works.

Does Aware have a diabetes reversal program?

Aware does not offer a Diabetes reversal program.

However, as part of our holistic approach to heart health, we provide valuable resources to help you. This includes coupon codes for a wide range of products, services, workshops, and programs that assist you in managing your Diabetes effectively.

Can I integrate my glucose monitoring device with the Aware app?

Yes, you can integrate your glucose monitoring device with the Aware app.

Currently, the only compatible device with Aware is FreeStyle Libre Continous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) Devices. Connecting your FreeStyle Libre device to the Aware app allows you to streamline your diabetes management process.

We are working hard to integrate other CGM devices with Aware as well.

Can I input data manually if I don't have a smartwatch or CGM?

Absolutely! Don't stress if you don't have a device. Aware lets you type in your health info yourself. You can enter things like how active you are each day, your weight, and your blood sugar levels. This way, you can still keep an eye on your important health stats.

Does Aware ensure data privacy?

At Aware, keeping your information private is our top priority. We have strong security measures in place to keep your data safe from any potential risks. We never sell your information to anyone else. Your trust in us is very important, and we take it seriously. With Aware, your personal information remains just that - personal. We value your privacy as much as you do.