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Discover the ultimate health tracker to stay fit, lose weight, and prevent lifestyle conditions such as obesity, pre-diabetes, diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol. Unleash a healthier you!

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Your Personalized Health Tracker

With Aware, set health goals, track progress, and stay on the path to a healthier life.

Focus on Preventive Health

Discover key health insights with risk assessments. Receive instant feedback as you input vital stats into the tracker for real-time updates. Measure your heart attack risk and get a FREE 90-day care plan to reduce risk.

Start Your Health Journey today!

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Proactive Health Risk Management

Aware helps you stay healthy by lowering your chances of getting serious health problems like obesity, pre-diabetes, diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. And if you already have one of these issues, we can help you manage it better.

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Explore Chronic Condition Control
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Step-by-Step Guidance

We guide you one step at a time to stay fit, lose weight, and prevent or manage lifestyle conditions. Plus, we'll encourage and reward you for making healthy choices.

Explore Chronic Condition Management
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Log your blood pressure, receive immediate health insights, and follow an easy care plan to manage it. We'll remind you when it's time for preventive check-ups.

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Track your glucose levels and get real-time insights. Follow the 90-day diet and care plans to reach your glucose targets.

Explore Diabetes Control
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Track Cholesterol levels, measure Heart Attack risk, and follow your care plan to reduce cardiovascular risk.

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Earn Rewards for Better Health with Aware.

Just create your profile, check your health risks, and follow the advice. Receive reports on your dashboard to understand your health. Meet monthly goals, earn rewards, and redeem for discounts. Enjoy exclusive offers on fitness, nutrition, and wellness.

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Stay healthy and live longer with Aware!

Preventive steps lower the risk of heart issues. We help you make good choices and remind you to care for yourself. Improve your health step by step with small changes every day.

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Physical Activity

Boost your activity and fitness with the perfect motivation! Get personalized content that matches your health goals. Track your progress, gain insights, and find the inspiration to improve your lifestyle.

Diet & Nutrition

Choose the right diet with our guidance. Find healthy recipes and educational content all in one place. Make easy diet changes that bring real results.

Preventive Health Check-ups

Get reliable advice on needed health check-ups. Receive reminders to stay on top of your health.

Earn Rewards for Meeting Health Goals

Stay disciplined and motivated on your health journey with Aware. Earn rewards for reaching your health goals.

How to earn and use rewards?
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Set your health goals
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Earn rewards for meeting goals
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Use points to redeem discounts
Unlock Your Full Potential with Aware!

We're here to support your journey towards optimizing your healthspan.

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Discover the positive impact of better health. Take charge, achieve your health goals, and unlock rewards. Start your journey to a longer, healthier life today.

Customer Experiences

Healthy users are happy users. Look at what the satisfied users of Aware have to say about the app.

5 stars

“With top-notch lab tests, interactive reports, and proactive guidance, Aware is my trusted companion in preventing heart attacks and managing chronic conditions. It’s personalized approach ensures that I receive the right tests at the right time, providing valuable insights without overwhelming me. The app's convenient home sample collection and user-friendly dashboard make healthcare follow-up a breeze. With Aware, I feel empowered to proactively improve my heart health.”

5 stars

“As an early user of this home blood test for heart attack prevention and monitoring app, I have experienced firsthand the remarkable combination of convenience, accuracy, and proactive cardiovascular health management it offers, all from the comfort of my own home. The user-friendly interface, coupled with reliable results, continuous monitoring, and personalized recommendations, has truly made this app an invaluable tool in my heart health journey.”

5 stars

“ A great app to keep track of your heart health. I especially love the tips that I have been getting daily to take care of my health. The community feature is quite interesting as well!! Definitely check the app out if you too are a health conscious person!”

5 stars

“I AM A DIABETIC and it's been very helpful to follow the action steps • I am hoping to use my rewards next time I need to do my blood test• I don't have a smartwatch and haven't been tracking the heart score •”

5 stars

“This provides me with proactive guidance and support, which helps me a lot to keep an eye on my heart health. Based on the health profile, they make a unique recommendation for lab testing. Highly advised for IT workforce to maintain good health.”

5 stars

"The app seems to be made with the user's health in perspective, it's very easy to know what numbers mean what unlike the jargon I had to decode using Google or by getting doctor's appointment, I can directly connect with my doctor here and the generated reports suggest best customized measures to follow through."

5 stars

“Very easy to use health app. Probably the best app for preventive heart health and actions. I loved using it.”

Frequently Asked Questions
Who can benefit from using the Aware app?  

At Aware, we think it's essential for everyone to take care of their heart, no matter how old they are.

Whether you want to make your heart stronger or deal with things like being overweight, having pre-diabetes, diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol, we're here to help you.

Our tools can help lower your chances of having a heart attack or stroke.

How does tracking my condition differ on the Aware app?  

At Aware, we have a unique way of keeping tabs on your health. We don't just give you numbers; we go deeper to help you understand what they mean. Aware will let you know if your health numbers are okay or if they need some extra attention.

What are action steps?  

Action steps are a mix of short videos and written advice. We make them just for you, based on your health test results. They help you eat better, move more, take your medicine, and make other healthy choices.

Do I need to have a smartwatch to use the Aware app?  

Nope, you don't need a smartwatch for the Aware app.

Even if you don't have a smartwatch, you can still use Aware for lots of helpful stuff. You can use it to get personalized tips, watch informative videos, track your health, remember your medications, join health challenges, and chat with other people for support.

How do I earn reward points?

You earn points by using the Aware Health Tracker app and doing healthy things. Here's what gets you points:

  1. Doing daily tasks suggested by the app.
  2. Updating your tracker with exercise, blood sugar, blood pressure, and weight.
  3. Connecting your smartwatch to the app.
  4. Checking your heart health and getting a Heart Score.
  5. Using medicine reminders and taking your medicine on time.
  6. Being active in the Aware Community, like making groups or inviting friends.

These points help you get health rewards. We want to help you be healthier!

What is the Aware community?

The Aware Community is where you can learn all about keeping your heart healthy! It's a friendly part of the Aware Health Tracker app where people who care about their health come together.

You can make groups, ask your friends and family to join health challenges, and encourage each other to stay healthy and fit. It's a great spot to find inspiration and work towards a healthier life!

Can the Aware app help me keep track of my medications?  

Yes, Aware helps you manage your medicines better. Our app lets you list and arrange your medicines. It reminds you when it's time to take them.

When you add new medicines, we check if they might cause problems with what you're already taking. This helps keep you safe by warning about any side effects or conflicts between drugs. With Aware, you can stick to your medicine plan without worries.

Can I track my progress over time within the Aware app?  

Yes, you can! Our tracker helps you set goals to manage your condition. It lets you see how well you're doing to reach your goal.

In the tracker, you can put in things like exercise, blood pressure, blood sugar, and weight. Aware looks at this information and tells you if you're doing well with your goals. It helps you know if you're improving from your last check-ups.

Is Aware app free to use?  

The Aware app has lots of cool stuff, and it's all free!

  • You can use it to start being healthier with easy steps every day.
  • Get special deals from health brands, so being healthy saves you money.
  • Connect your smartwatch to keep track of your health easily.
  • See how your heart is doing with a daily Heart Score.
  • Look at your lab reports whenever you need them.
  • Stay on track with your medicine, and watch out for any problems with mixing meds.
  • Join a group of people who care about health and talk about it.
  • Find out how active you are daily so you can make intelligent choices.
  • Get personalized plans to help you deal with your health problems for a long time.
Does Aware ensure data privacy?  

At Aware, keeping your personal information safe is really important to us. We make sure it stays private and secure by using strong security measures. Your information is never given to anyone else. So, with Aware, your personal details stay personal.