Get Your Cholesterol Under Control.

High cholesterol puts you at risk of a heart attack and stroke. Bring your cholesterol down and reduce your cardiovascular risk.

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The Natural Method To Control Cholesterol

Making lifestyle changes to lower cholesterol can be difficult. Get a FREE 90-day diet and care plan to reduce your cholesterol naturally.

Step-by-Step Guidance

Manage cholesterol levels through health insights, delivered as daily action steps. Optimize your heart health with a daily Heart Score and Free Heart Attack Risk Assessment.

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Get Reminders to Make Healthy Choices

Daily action items remind you to make healthy lifestyle choices. Watch videos on cholesterol management, get tips on dietary choices, and find the right set of exercises. Managing cholesterol and improving your heart health is possible every day.

Join a Group Challenge

Join a group challenge or form your own group to work on your cholesterol levels. Meet health targets and earn rewards along the way.

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Reduce Heart Attack Risk from High Cholesterol.

Measure and reduce your heart attack risk. Unlock the secret to a long and healthy life.

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Guidance suited for your journey
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Receive personalized lifestyle guidance with 90-day diet and care plans.

Medication Reminders
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Get cholesterol med reminders and never miss a dose. Check multiple medications for safety and side effects.

Single place for managing everything
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Centralize vital cholesterol biomarkers for stress-free management. Monitor health seamlessly, book tests, gain insights, and manage cholesterol through an accessible dashboard.

Right tests to track cholesterol
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AI recommendation

Smart suggestions for timely recommended tests. Stay on track to prevent heart attacks and strokes.

Rewards for every goal completed
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Earn rewards for meeting health targets. Exchange for health and wellness brand discounts.

Aware Helps People with High Cholesterol Prevent Heart Attacks.

Aware uses the latest scientific evidence to nudge you towards better health step-by-step.

Connect your smartwatch, get a Free Heart Score and follow the personalized 90-day diet and lifestyle care plans to prevent heart attacks.

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Create your Aware profile

Create a profile by answering simple questions about your health. Keep track of the heart by connecting vital lab data and biomarkers.

Get tailormade guidance on heart health

Utilize daily tips and advice to keep improving your heart health. Access personalized resources that keep you ahead of heart risks and complications.

Earn rewards every step of the way

Meet health goals and get rewarded for every action step you take. Earn daily reward points and use them for discounts and benefits.

Save big on healthy choices

Redeem reward points for discounts on lab tests. Save up to 40% or more on lab tests from ISO and NABL-certified labs. Enjoy exclusive benefits on fitness and nutrition.

Frequently Asked Questions
How does Aware offer insights about my cholesterol levels?  

Our platform learns about you by looking at the health information you give us, like lab reports and daily health stats. We use special math to make suggestions just for you. So, you'll know more about your cholesterol and get tips to control it better.

Who can benefit from using Aware?  

Aware helps people take care of their cholesterol levels. Our app is for:

  1. People with high cholesterol: Aware gives you tools to keep track of and control your high cholesterol.
  2. People who care about their health: Use Aware every day to follow steps to stay healthy, track your health stats, and learn more.
  3. People who like convenience: If you like using your phone to check your health stats.
  4. People who want to save money on healthcare: We give discounts and cashback for lab tests, so managing your high cholesterol doesn't cost too much.
Can Aware help me prevent high cholesterol?  

Absolutely! Aware is a powerful tool for proactive cholesterol management. Our app offers daily action steps, in-depth health statistic tracking, and AI-driven insights to help you adopt a heart-healthy lifestyle.

You can decrease the risk of high cholesterol by consistently monitoring your health, making informed choices, and receiving personalized recommendations.

Aware empowers you with the knowledge and tools you need to take control of your cholesterol.

What are the action steps?  

Aware's action steps serve as an tool for you to strive for a healthier and more enriching life.

Each step helps you manage your cholesterol better. We give tips on eating, exercise, taking medicine, and lifestyle choices to make you healthier.

How can I access the FREE 90-day diet plan to reduce cholesterol?  

You earn points by doing healthy things with the Aware app. When you get 500 points, you can use them to unlock your own 90-day diet plan. This plan is made just for you, based on your health info and what you like to eat.

How to control cholesterol with Aware?  

Controlling cholesterol with Aware involves:

  1. Comprehensive Insights: Analyze health data, including lab reports and daily statistics, for a holistic view of cholesterol levels.
  2. Home Lab Tests: Book convenient home lab tests through Aware for up-to-date and accurate information on heart health.
  3. Smart Algorithms: Benefit from intelligent algorithms that generate personalized recommendations and alerts based on individual data, empowering informed decisions.
  4. Daily Regimen: Engage in daily actionable steps, comprehensive health tracking, and AI-driven insights for a heart-conscious lifestyle.
  5. Budget-Friendly Healthcare: Access substantial discounts and cashback incentives for lab tests, ensuring cost-effective cholesterol management.
  6. Community Support: Join challenges and connect with a supportive community for motivation and mutual health improvement.
Is Aware free to use?  

Yes, Aware is free to use!

We believe in providing accessible cholesterol management tools to everyone. You only pay when booking a home lab test through the app.

Here's a list of the fantastic features you can enjoy for free with Aware:

  • Daily action steps to support cholesterol prevention and management.
  • Rewards coupons for exciting brand discounts.
  • Daily health statistics tracking, including activity, weight, and more.
  • The ability to connect smartwatches for seamless monitoring.
  • Access to your heart score.
  • Convenient reading of lab reports.
  • Medication reminders and alerts for potential drug interactions.
  • Join the vibrant Aware Community, a social platform for healthcare discussions.
  • Insights into your daily activities, helping you make informed decisions for a healthier heart.
  • Diet plan to manage cholesterol.

We're committed to empowering you on your cholesterol management journey without hidden fees or charges.

Do I need to have a smartwatch to use Aware?  

You don't need a smartwatch to use Aware. You can track your cholesterol, get personalized tips, and follow diet plans right on your phone with the Aware app. Whether you have a smartwatch or not, you can still manage your cholesterol effectively with Aware.

Does Aware offer lab tests?  

Yes, Aware offers blood tests as part of our healthcare services.

We understand the significance of regular blood tests in monitoring and managing high cholesterol. Aware provides a range of lab tests, including blood tests, with discounts and cashback options.

We ensure that cholesterol monitoring is both accessible and affordable.

Does Aware ensure data privacy?  

At Aware, keeping your data safe is our top concern. We have strong security in place to protect it. Our advanced systems make sure your information stays safe from any risks.

We promise not to sell your data to anyone else. Your trust means a lot to us, and we're serious about keeping your information private. With Aware, your personal info stays personal. Your privacy is important to us.