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This intelligent health tracker helps you stay fit, prevent and manage lifestyle conditions like Obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension and High Cholesterol.

Taking You Closer to Better Health -
One Mindful Step at a Time
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Aware is designed to put you in charge of your health. Rediscover health through personalized insights that raise awareness about your well-being. With Aware, embrace a healthcare companion dedicated to your holistic wellness.

Understanding the uniqueness of your condition lies at the core of Aware. You get a FREE daily Heart Score, personalized Heart Attack Risk Assessment, diet and care plans.

Embark on a transformative journey with Aware.

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Download and Meet Your 2024 Health Goals

Download Aware and meet your 2024 health resolutions. Set personalized goals and earn rewards for meeting your workout, weight, glucose or blood pressure goals.

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Stay Informed with Biomarkers
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Connect your smartwatch and upload previous lab reports. We will measure your health risks and recommend action steps to improve them.

Improve Health with Daily Steps
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Unlock health improvement with Aware's actionable insights. Daily steps, tips, and videos for effective health management. Plus, earn rewards for every action.

Access Accurate Insights with Lab Tests
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Spot health issues early. Receive complete lab test recommendations for preventive health. Book tests from home, earn discounts by achieving health goals.

Never Miss a Dose with Medication Reminders
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Medication and supplement adherence is essential for optimal health. Our medication interaction checker detects risk of side effects due to medication interactions.

Celebrate Your Health with Rewards
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Join a group challenge, unlock rewards, embark on a health journey with friends. Challenges await!

Earn Rewards
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Set health goals, earn reward points for meeting health targets. Redeem points for discounts & exclusive perks.

Challenge accepted?

Engage your friends and family members in our health challenges.

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A Nutritionist in Your Pocket!

Get a personalized diet and care plan free of charge. Aware prioritizes your taste preferences along with your health, guiding you towards your healthiest self.

Find the perfect health buddy

With Aware, feel surrounded by others who share your health-conscious mindset.
Join a community of 1 lakh+ health enthusiasts. Make friends, exchange information, offer motivation, and engage in heart-healthy discussions.

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Join Aware to Improve Your Health

Prevent and manage obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol. Predict and prevent future health complications.

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Log your Blood Pressure, get instant health insights, and follow a care plan to control your BP. Get reminders when preventive check ups are due.

Explore Hypertension Control
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Track your glucose levels and get real-time insights. Follow the 90-day diet and care plans to reach your glucose targets.

Explore Diabetes Control
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Track Cholesterol levels, measure Heart Attack risk, and follow your care plan to reduce cardiovascular risk.

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Get Rewarded for Staying Healthy

Taking charge of your health should be fun, so we reward your healthy choices.

Earn points with every interaction

Whether you're taking meds, tracking vitals, or staying active, every healthy action in the Aware app earns points.

Earn points
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Level Up Your Rewards

Progress through Aware’s reward tiers as you accumulate points. Unlock benefits tailored to enhance your wellness journey. Higher tiers yield better rewards.

Redeem Points for Exclusive Rewards

We’ve partnered up with Hubble, a leading rewards provider, to offer access to over 300+ brands. Exchange your points for gift cards with discounts of up to 10% on health, wellness, and lifestyle brands.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How does tracking my condition differ on Aware?

At Aware, we have a special way to keep track of your health. We don't just give you numbers; we make sure you really get what they mean for your health.

We help you gather and understand your health numbers. We let you know if your numbers are good or if they need some attention.

What makes us different is that we remember your past numbers and compare them to the new ones. This helps you keep track of how your health is changing over time.

With our daily videos and steps, Aware helps you stay healthy and avoid heart attacks. When you use Aware, you can make smart choices about your health.

Can Aware help me keep track of my medications?

Yes, Aware helps you manage your medicines better.

Our app helps you organize your prescribed drugs and reminds you when it's time to take them.

When you start new medicines, our app checks for any problems with your current drugs. It tells you if there might be side effects or conflicts between them.

With Aware, you can stick to your medicine routine and stay healthy.

Is our health app free to use?

Yes, Aware is completely free! Our main aim is to help everyone take care of their heart health without any cost.The only thing you might need to pay for is if you want to order a test to be done at home using the app.Here's what you get for free with Aware:

  • Tips every day to help you live a healthier life.
  • Coupons that give you discounts at popular stores.
  • Keep track of your health each day, like how much you move, your blood sugar, blood pressure, weight, and more.
  • Link your smartwatch to keep an eye on your health all the time.
  • See your heart score, which tells you how healthy your heart is.
  • Easily get your test results from the app.
  • Get reminders for your medicine and warnings if any of your medicines might not work well together.
  • Join the Aware Community to talk about health with others.
  • Get helpful advice from artificial intelligence about your daily habits for a healthier heart.
  • Get personalized plans to help you manage any health problems you might have.
What are daily heart score and Aware heart attack risk status?

Your Daily Heart Score shows how well your heart is doing based on your smartwatch data. It's like a report card for your heart health, telling you how you're doing and where you can improve. A score above 75 is good, while 50-75 is okay but could be better.

The Heart Attack Risk Status predicts your chance of having a heart attack or stroke in the next five years. It looks at many things, like your test results and family history. This score helps you understand your long-term heart health. A score below 5% means you have a low risk, 5% to 7.4% means it's a bit risky, and 20% or more means there's a high risk of having a heart attack or stroke soon.

Does Aware offer lab tests at home?

Yes, Aware offers many lab tests at your home. We work with trusted labs all over India, so booking a test is easy. You can choose from different labs near you. Our platform helps you keep track of your heart health easily.

How to improve heart health with the Aware app?

The Aware app helps you handle many health problems. Whether it's Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, or High Cholesterol, our app has tools to help you manage each one. You can keep track of your health numbers, get reminders for your medicine, and see diet plans made just for you.

Our app is easy to use, and it gives you helpful tips based on artificial intelligence. We're here to support you and help you get healthier.

Can I get a personalized diet plan for hypertension, diabetes, and high cholesterol management? 

Absolutely! In our health app, you can make special diet plans to help with your health condition.

We ask you some questions to learn about your lifestyle and what you like to eat.

Then, we use your answers to make a personalized diet plan just for you. You can make plans for managing high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol.

These plans will help you keep your heart healthy."

What is the Aware community?

The Aware Community is a place for heart health!

It's where people who care about their well-being gather to talk about health, share experiences, and join in fun health challenges. You can create groups, invite friends and family, and take part in friendly contests. We encourage healthy discussions, sharing tips, and supporting each other to lower the risk of heart attacks.

Does Aware ensure data privacy?

At Aware, keeping your data safe is our top priority. We use strong security measures to protect your information. Our advanced systems defend against risks and threats. We never share your data with anyone else. Your trust is very important to us. Your personal information stays private with Aware. We take your privacy seriously.

How can I seek help if I have questions or issues with the app?

If you need help with our health app, email us at Our team will quickly fix any issues and help you use Aware easily. Your satisfaction matters most, and we're here for you at every step.

Don't hesitate to reach out—we're ready to help whenever you need us!

Customer Experiences

Healthy users are happy users. Look at what the satisfied users of Aware have to say about the app.

5 stars

“With top-notch lab tests, interactive reports, and proactive guidance, Aware is my trusted companion in preventing heart attacks and managing chronic conditions. It’s personalized approach ensures that I receive the right tests at the right time, providing valuable insights without overwhelming me. The app's convenient home sample collection and user-friendly dashboard make healthcare follow-up a breeze. With Aware, I feel empowered to proactively improve my heart health.”

5 stars

“As an early user of this home blood test for heart attack prevention and monitoring app, I have experienced firsthand the remarkable combination of convenience, accuracy, and proactive cardiovascular health management it offers, all from the comfort of my own home. The user-friendly interface, coupled with reliable results, continuous monitoring, and personalized recommendations, has truly made this app an invaluable tool in my heart health journey.”

5 stars

“ A great app to keep track of your heart health. I especially love the tips that I have been getting daily to take care of my health. The community feature is quite interesting as well!! Definitely check the app out if you too are a health conscious person!”

5 stars

“I AM A DIABETIC and it's been very helpful to follow the action steps • I am hoping to use my rewards next time I need to do my blood test• I don't have a smartwatch and haven't been tracking the heart score •”

5 stars

“This provides me with proactive guidance and support, which helps me a lot to keep an eye on my heart health. Based on the health profile, they make a unique recommendation for lab testing. Highly advised for IT workforce to maintain good health.”

5 stars

"The app seems to be made with the user's health in perspective, it's very easy to know what numbers mean what unlike the jargon I had to decode using Google or by getting doctor's appointment, I can directly connect with my doctor here and the generated reports suggest best customized measures to follow through."

5 stars

“Very easy to use health app. Probably the best app for preventive heart health and actions. I loved using it.”